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Buying Gothic Clothing? Anything You Need To Know

What is gothic style clothing?

Gothic clothing is introduced as a fashion statement in the 18th and 19th century and conspicuously mysterious, dark, homogeneous and antiquated features mark the gothic style. The Gothic fashion has become an inspiration for styles which are not belongs to goth. The fashion of Gothic clothing emerged from post-punk in the United Kingdom. Many people get indulge in this unique kind of fashion and sense of style. 


How to dress like a goth?

If you want to dress like a goth or make the gothic dress your style statement then it is crucial to know the symbolism behind it all. Dressing like goth is a way of expressing darkness as well as romanticism. For this reason, gothic clothing is a combo of casual black and more formal attire. So, if you want to get into the scene of goth then you have to first learn and adapt the basics of this famous gothic style

  • Black: Black color has been considered a basic and most common color of gothic fashion. Include black into your new wardrobe as the primary color of your outfit. Include pants, plain socks, skirts and tops as the essential pieces of clothing. You can also choose outfits by mixing in other colors such as grey, red, violet, white, pink or blue. 

  • Casual wear: Jackets or shirts that resemble corsets are the often desired in goth outfits. These are worn with blackgoth pants or jeans. Most of the goths wear ripped up jeans in deep blue color. T-shirts or plain black t-shirts can be worn by goths. 

    The fashion statement of men gothic clothing includes black jeans with a black t-shirt and jackets. For women gothic clothing, black velvet plays a part somewhere in a look. The most common gothic dress for women is the combo of black skirt and dark t-shirts with tennis shoes. Goth band shirts are an immediate sign that a person is into the goth culture. 

    Anything with the skull on it is also the big sign of being goth. Skulls are most popular and can be found printed on handbags, t-shirts, ties, and shoes. For the perfect contrast, black items have white printed skulls on them. 

  • Shoes: Black tennis goth shoes are the most popular with the  gothic dress but boots may give a more classic goth look. Black combat boots are the common sight among goth dressers. Any kind of black leather boots like ankle boots or thigh-high boots will go with the goth look. 

  • Accessories: Select the accessories of silver and black. Silver reminds moonlight goths that is an important part of the goth culture. Goths love to wear jewelry i.e. silver necklace with meaning pendant or bracelets. Silver rings are also an essential part of the goth look. 

Women gothic items that men can wear

In a  Gothic Fashion, there is a right to wear whatever he/she likes to wear. So, have a look at some of the women gothic items that men can wear. 

  • Chokers: A goth choker for men doesn’t have to be a sophisticated design of rings, hooks, leather straps and spikes. A man can wear a great look with a simple piece of string around the neck along with pendant and beads. 

  • Hair beads: These are not just for women. Beads can look great on the right kind of long-haired man. There are different kinds of beads available in the market for the men. 

  • Sunglasses: As we all know that sunglasses protect our eyes from dirt, debris, and harmful UV rays. Men can wear women sunglasses as it has a slight difference. Sunglasses of women are smaller in lens or frame which are ideal for guys who have small heads. 


Online shopping becomes everything now as it is easy and convenient. Have a look at what other people are thinking about gothic dressing when shop online. 

  • “I like baggy clothes that add layers and speak for themselves. This black cloak did just that. It had an Assassin\’s Creed feel to it but I wore it as a fashion statement. I originally bought it for a Halloween costume but I fell in love with the way it looked on me and now wear it every day. It’s comfy too. The strings do get in the way sometimes and the hood is too big to be functional but other than that great product.”- Adrian Cunha 

  • “As with all their products, this one is no exception with its excellent quality and fit. I was nervous at first because of the one size fits all with me being taller and bigger than what the target audience seemed to be. But I have yet to find something that I didn\’t like or didn\’t fit. Style of the brand and the quality they put into it makes it worth every penny.”- Vance Lapeyrolerie 

  • “Overall satisfied with this purchase! The goth t-shirt is made of good material looks and feels great! Very dark, very Gothic styled shirt! Love it and would recommend the seller and products to anyone seeking style and quality!!!”- Drew 

  • “Fantastic!!! My boyfriend loves it and so do I!! Thank you! Absolutely love it, no complaints.”- Ember 

Final Thought 

If you are creative and want to dress like a goth then we have a lot of options available for you. Simple spikes, studs, lace or skulls can add more Gothic vibe to your outfits at a nominal cost with us. 

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