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Skull Blanket

Buying A Skull Blanket, Anything You Need To Know

When it comes to purchasing a blanket, people might think that there is nothing to it we have to just select the color and better design or print that they like in the correct size that matters from them. However, with skull lovers, to find the right skull blanket is a little more than that. 

Your bed is not complete with sheets alone, it needs a truly cozy blanket. But which one is best and which one is going to provide you the best night sleep? And which ones are suitable according to climate and fit into your budget? 

You may be looking for something that is warm and soft, but this buying guide has a huge selection of skull blankets that fit all those basic criteria. Below is the information that all you need to select skull throws and blankets that you will be going to love. 

skull blanket

How to shop for a skull blanket

1. Choose the designs that is meaningful to you

It is a fact that new ideas are created everyday due to the constantly changing demands. Because of this there are several designs of blankets available in the market like sugar skull throw blanketskull and crossbone blanketskull print blanket, etc. So, always go for the design, pattern or print which you likes or which is meaningful to you. 

2. Size matters a lot

Yes, it’s true that size matters a lot when you are going to buy a blanket for your bed. When you purchase a skull fleece blanket or skull throw blanket then always keep in mind that you need a large enough blanket in size to cover the mattress with some extra inches to tuck in around the bottom and sides. Although accurate sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. A typical blanket comes in different sizes, they are:

  • King: 90” x 110” 
  • Queen: 90” x 90” 
  • Full/Queen: 90” x 85” 
  • Twin: 90” x 65” 

3. Fabric: It is somewhat a bit tricky.

Skull blankets are available in a few common fabrics and each has their own benefits, so pick the one that best suits according to your needs.

  • Cotton: Blankets made up of cotton hold up well to repeated washing. These are specially made for them who suffer from allergies. Cotton fabric blankets can be enough lightweight so that they can be used as a summer blanket and also heavy enough to keep ourselves warm in winter. Also, there are organic cotton blankets available in the market for those who prefer a green lifestyle. 

  • Cashmere: The soft and luxurious cashmere blankets are silky and warm but also they are quite expensive. 
skull hooded blanket
  • Synthetics: There are various synthetic fabrics used to make a perfect blanket, these synthetic fabrics are polyester, acrylic and microfiber are some common ones. Usually, synthetic blankets are warm and attract the best deal of static electricity and tend to hold onto dust, hair and loose threads. One of the best things of these blankets is that they are generally inexpensive.

  • Fleece: Extra warm, cozy and yet not too heavy, skull fleece and microfleece blankets are popular in children.  These skull hooded blankets are lightweight but are very warm. This fabric is in wicking away moisture and can be easily used on a child’s bed.

4. Looking for Reviews

When you are going to shop anything online first check the reviews of other people about that particular product. Through it, you will get additional information about how that stuff is actually after purchasing it. Below are some of the reviews from our customers at 

“oh I love this my boyfriend is 6 ft 6 and all skull blankets are so short for him but this one, oh my gosh I absolutely love it and he is sooooo happy to have it! its long enough for him to use and it covers him up all the way and its got a design he loves. it’s beyond soft too!! I recommend this highly this one, oh my gosh I absolutely love it and he is sooooo happy to have it! its long enough for him to use and it covers him up all the way and its got a design he loves. it’s beyond soft too!! I recommend this highly to anyone and everyone especially anyone who is taller…” – Rachel

“the sugar skull blanket is super soft, comfy, and warm only downside it doesn’t come with wash instructions”- Amanda

“Nice skull throw blanket”- Chris

Why Choosing A Skull Blanket

When the temperature takes a tumble at night time, make a blanket a source to add an extra layer of cozy warmth to your bed. Blankets tend to go unsung and unseen, it’s just your duvet or comforter that keeps you warm and you feel amazing comfort with it. It is the star of the bed and the bed sheets that provide the cares of softness your skin carves. The blanket tucked between the two which makes an extra pocket of air to keep you feel snug, comfort, and warmth. A skull blanket is not only way to keep yourself warm in this chilly, cold, breezy winters. 

skull fleece blanket

So, if you have heard about the buzz about the blankets and want to try one out then don’t worry pick one of your choices with

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