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Skull Boots

Buying A Pair of Skull Boots? Anything You Need To Know

Shopping your pair of boots with skull on them is not easy as it seems. If you are looking for ones, we are here to help. Following these simple tips and guidelines, you will be able to choose the right pair of skull boots that incorporates all types of modern yet unique elements.

1. Choosing the colors

We all love black and brown colored skull shoes. Why? Because they go with any kind of outfit and they are the most versatile and safest colors available. Even if you like both of the colors, make sure you check out rest of the colors available in the market. Skull boots for women and men are available in variety of colors and shapes. 

Don’t narrow down the options to just black and brown, let’s check out these cool examples of skull and sugar skull boots below

2. Choose The Style

Shorty boots

As its name suggests the shorty boots are only ten inches high or shorter than that. They are a perfect choice for a beginner rider. If you are just starting with riding a bike, shorty boots are great to start with before you could purchase the most expensive biker shoes. 

Tall Biker boots

You must have seen avid bikers wearing high shoes, they are almost 14 inches long and they are available in two different styles. If you want to have extra protection, tall biker boots is ideal choice. They are perfect choice for riding during cold weather, which will keep your legs warm.

How to choose suitable boot heel height

Choose your boot height wisely. The higher the rise of your boot the shorter should be your dress. Always keep in mind the rise-to-leg ratio when you choose your boots with the right height. If you choose a longer dress with longer height boots, it will shorten your leg size. So, avoid that. 
Heel Heights Standard Measurement: 

  • Flat 0″-3/4″ 
  • Low heel 1″-1 3/4″ 
  • Medium heel 2″-2 3/4″ 
  • High heel 3″-4″ 
  • Ultrahigh heel 4 1/4″ or taller 

3. Choosing the right size of your skull boots

It is always important to choose the right size for your boots so that they are as comfortable as stylish. Always measure the calf circumference, heel height, ankle circumference, and shaft height before you could order your favorite skull boots. 

  • Measure boot shaft height : Measure the boot shaft height from the top of the boot to the bottom of your foot
  • Find the right calf fit : Wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of your calf to find its circumference and determine whether it is wide or narrow.
    • Wide Calf (16″ or more) 
    • Narrow Calf (less than 13 3/4″) 
    • Ankle circumference : Measure around the most narrow part to find best ankle circumference.  
    • Heel height: Measure from the bottom to the place where it meets the boot sole.  
    • Whether you have narrow or wide calves, wear them with matching skull tights to give an amazing look.  
  • Never assume your foot size 
  • Always measure both feet sizes 
  • Consider your foot width 
  • Choose your old boots as a reference 

See Reviews as advices

With online purchasing, review of past customers are always necessary before making purchase decision. Let’s hear from happy clients of to see which are the good points for you. 

I really like these boots and they are definitely worth the price which wasn’t very much. I’m happy with them. If I could find these in leather I would pay four times the price for sure. – EvilAngel217

Great deal… my third pair. I’m 57 years old and there timeless. -lydia

Let’s check out the variety of skull boots available in the stock. 

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