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Skull Hoodie

Buying A Skull Hoodie, Everything You Need To Know

In today’s era, hooded sweatshirts are commonly known as “Hoodies” that are most popular and holds a permanent place in the world of fashion. Hoodies become a style statement among the youngsters. The industry of urban clothing is definitely in the lead for the marketing and creation of different designs of hoodies like skull hoodies. To buy the best hoodies for you, we have some tips that you can read below.

1. Shopping Tips for Buying Hoodies

While shopping for any clothing, people are treated with a wealth of choice to meet their personal needs. Whether you are looking for a chic and fashionable look or a humorous and funky fashion statement, there are a lot of options available. Below are some essential tips on how you can buy a perfect skull hoodie for your personal desires. 

  • Don’t discount size: Size matters a lot when buying any cloth. Some people use to buy a hoodie that would be large in size. This might not be the right decision. It is important to buy a skull zipper hoodie with the right fitting. 

  • Select the design that mirrors your personality: It is advisable to always choose a skull zip up hoodie that suits your style, that matches your personality otherwise it can result in the hoodie being left in the wardrobe for months on end, as your just not comfortable wearing it. 

  • Always opt for the quality where you can: No matter the color, design or price, buying the hoodie of poor quality can be a big blunder. All the attractive color and design won’t matter if you feel uncomfortable. Be sure with the quality, buy it from the respected retailer and check the color and fabric quality. 

  • Looking for Reviews: Nowadays, every customer feel risk to make a purchase online because of online fraud and misleadings, skull hoodies are available at verified sources. Have a look at some of the reviews of our happy customers from that can help you to make better decision when you are going to buy your first skull hoodie

“The hoodie is decent quality. It was lightweight and good quality. The Skull looked exactly as pictured. Definitely satisfied.” – Jessica

“Great material! Love how it feels… great hoodie overall!!!” – April Walker

“My husband loves hoodies. Way to high of a price for me to buy again. Was supposed to get it for Christmas got it the end of January..but he loved it. I give MYSELF 5 stars for finding it.”- Mita

“I bought this skull hoodie for my son who is 15yr. He loved it very much. He wears it to school every day.” – Ingrid D

sugar skull hoodie

2. How to be stylish in a hoodie

In the past years, hoodies are considered as unstylish, since it is made up of sweatshirt material as well as the loose and frumpy fit, but in the recent years, there is a quite makeover done with them. These are come up with various options than ever which includes designer ones also. The purpose to make skull hoodie look stylish are opting for higher quality materials, a good fit, and pairing them with any clothing that both contrasts and complements the casual look. 

  • Style: If you want to make your skull zipper hoodie to look polished then avoid ill-fitting and oversized versions that usually bunch up the area around the stomach. In general, this will create the illusion of a paunch and look sloppy. So, it is advisable to look for the sugar skull hoodie that has a slim fit to create a sleek and fashionable style statement. 

  • Colour: Typically, the hoodies are considered to be casual garments, but one of the easy ways to dress up them and add some style is by selecting a dark color like grey and black. Plain, dark colors will automatically upgrade the skull hoodie for men as well as the skull hoodie for women appearance and give a sleeker look. If you pair it with basic trainers and denim then it will give you both casual and polished look. 
    • If you find a plain black skull hoodie to be a bit boring or dull then you can opt for a dark rich color like navy or maroon. 
    • A dark grey hoodie with black skinny jeans gives a perfectly stylish look. 
lava skull hoodie
skull gun hoodie
  • Fabric/material: Mostly, classic hoodies are made up of sweatshirt material. But if you want to look more fashionable then you can go with the high-quality material like brushed cotton, pure cotton jersey, fleece and the blend of Cashmere-silk.
  • Complimentary clothing:

For women: The combination of the casual hoodie with a little fancier mini skirt or dress is most popular. This contrast creates an edgy vibe that trendsetters lean toward. Try to carry a skull zip-up fleece hoodie with a long dress with a girly print like floral. To give this contrast more perfect look you can add a pair of combat boots. The hoodie also looks perfect with the flouncy cocktail dress, shorts or lace skirt. Recently the long hoodie, hoodie dress also becomes a trend for women.

women skull hoodie dress

For men: Men‘s skull zip-up hoodies are great outerwear, but they can also look more stylish when wearing under a nice jacket (it will keep you warmer). You can try it with a black leather jacket with style of the pulling-out hood so that it hangs down in the back and visible on the top of the jacket. And, if you don’t like black leather then wear a grey skull zipper hoodie under a denim jacket with a pull-out hood. 

For both: The another trendy style for both men and women to carry the hoodie with skinny jeans or dress trousers. You can opt the slim-fit skull pile hoodie and pair it with pants or skinny jeans that are structured to have a well-tailored look, like dress trousers. 

Accessories: The hoodie can look great with a nice pair of shoes, like pointy-toed dress shoes, black boots, or red leather booties. An awesome pair of sunglasses can make almost anything look cool with a hoodie. Try a pair of dark black cat eye sunglasses or a pair of round mirrored lenses in a fun color like bright orange. You can also carry a plain hoodie with a beanie or striped knit cap to create a different kind of contrast.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few important considerations that every customer have to keep in mind when buying the hoodies. You can also find better deals at online stores that specialize in urban clothing. So, stay comfortable in style by adding a hoodie to your wardrobe with us! 

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