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Skull Pendant

Buying A Skull Pendant – All You Need to Know

A skull is the most effective and the oldest symbol known to humanity. It becomes more popular in today’s trendiest world. The ornaments of the skull are also famous nowadays like, skull rings, skull bracelets, and skull pendants

For the past years, men also have embraced trend. Unlike, many other accessories, a man’s bravery is supported by skull jewelry. Among all, skull pendant is most popular. A necklace with a gorgeous pendant gives the great finishing touch to any attire. So, select a pendant which adds whimsy with a small surprise skull. A perfect selection would be a feminine shape like this Hollow Crystal Long Sweater Chain Pendant Skull Necklace

So, if you are ready for the perfect jewelry to add to your collection then start shopping with us today!

skull pendant for men
skull pendant for women

Tips on buying skull pendant

Buying the jewelry of good quality that will look fabulous on you, can be a challenging task. It is not as easy as it looks like as it requires well-research. The perfect piece of jewelry can make birthday or anniversary special when used as a gift. So, here are tips of factors of jewelry that can make your choice easier. 

1. Choose a skull pendant style for men and women:

When it comes to men skull necklace, you should look for a statement piece with long skull chain. You want it to be durable and chunky to give a more masculine look. No one wants to look like a broke chump, this is another reason for choosing a statement piece for the necklace. So, pick a skull pendant that speaks in your favor. 

Skull necklace for women is in fashion with an extra-long chain. Always keep in mind that a chain for women is more delicate than a men’s traditional chain. 

2. Choose a good quality skull pendant:

The collection of jewelry is one you should proud of. It is not just as money purpose that you have to spend on them but for how valuable they are. Go for the pendant or any other accessory with quality, in the crafts like how beautifully they have cuts and designs, what is the pattern and inscription in metals they have. Always check the quality of the material. It is not necessary that the accessory with high price is also of good quality, sometimes high price jewelry may be due to the producer name. In this case, you’re paying for a brand, not for the item. So, try to shop from the shops where you can get good deals. 

3. Choose the material of the skull necklace

When you are considering the material of the pendant necklace or any other jewelry then it has to be right regarding its compatibility and quality. Some of the materials don’t react well with some skin types and if you are in this category then you must choose the material that suits. There are many different pendants made up of different materials are found in the market like silver skull pendant, diamond skull pendant, gold skull pendant, and necklace.

The material quality used in the jewelry matters a lot, it’s not worth to spend money on something you can only wear once or twice. Try to select the stores to whom you can trust and talk about identifying the pure metals with good quality. 

4. Listen to the Reviews

When you prefer the online shop for buying jewelry check out the reviews of it that what other people are thinking about them. You will get the rough idea about the jewelry that it is good or not. Have a look at some of the reviews from our happy clients:

“Awesome sugar skull necklace. However, a couple of things to know – there isn’t much contrast with the gold. The picture makes it look like it’s more noticeable than it is. And this is a heavy charm. The chain that comes with it allows the charm to lay sideways. I bought a 2mm snake chain and it is perfect to keep the eyes facing forward.”- Erica

“The skull is big and beautiful. A must buy at this price. I get looks and comments every time I wear it and that’s all the time. Lol!” – Nicolas

“I needed a necklace for my brown outfits and this fit the bill. It is very light and fits comfortably around the neck.”- Robin

“This is perfect! I’ve been looking for a skull necklace that wasn’t heavy. I love that it’s subtle and something I can wear every day. Keep in mind the first word in the name is TINY, so that’s exactly what you get. Great detailing as well.”- Riff

“This is a gorgeous pendant, shiny and brilliant, looks just like the photo. It includes a cute chain. I bought this for my husband.”- Allison

Who can rock skull jewelry

As we all know that skull jewelry is in trend nowadays, but there is a question arises in the mind that who looks great in it? It may be bikers, rock stars or ordinary men and women. According to Bella Heathcote, you can gift skull jewelry to men. 

Sterling silver skull pendant has made its own way in the world of fashion. Designers such as Philipp Plein and Alexander McQueen have very fantastically introduced the skull in their designs. The jewelry with the skull is an affordable and practical way to include the skull in your wardrobe. 

Female celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, Kat Von D, were captured by Paparazzi in skull jewelry of one form or another. 

sterling silver skull necklace
sugar skull pendant

Is it okay to wear skull jewelry?

It is undeniable that skull pattern jewelry has become most renowned once again. With the involvement in the fashion trends, most of the people are now using new styles, skull pendants being among these. Now even people are buying costly designer skull jewelry. There are some people who still dislike it and thinks that they are a sign of danger. They also think that these type of jewelry are associated with violent and dangerous people. Though, it is a misconception. This jewelry with a death theme conveys messages of triumph, merciful love and hope. But the truth is that different people wear this jewelry with their own different reasons. Some believe that such jewelry can help them in acquire good luck and fortune. 

Final thought

Whatever the purpose of your purchasing a skull pendant is, it is better to have an understanding about the purchase. 
Skull designs are one of the most used symbols. These are contemporary used in literature and film as the imagination of mankind. This is not up to fiction and films, their popularity is spread everywhere and their demand keeps on growing day by day. So, if you searching for something classy and bold that can express your dynamic nature then visit and get beautifully carved skull pendants.

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