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Skull Phone Case

Buying Skull Phone Case? Anything You Need To Know

It’s time to express your artistic attitude, using these unique and stylistic skull phone cases. These timeless designs is very suited to those gothic lovers and fanatics. At, we are proud that we have all of famous designs of skull case and eye-catching styles for both men and women, updated daily. You can sort the best-sellers and new arrivals on our site to know what is trending now and save your time. 

Technological development and innovative thinking have led to the invention of numerous gadgets. Such devices have become an integral part of our lives so that we can’t imagine a world without them. The cell phone is one such marvel. This palm-sized wonder has the entire world at its beck and call!

When it comes to purchasing a skull phone case, there are a few things you should know. In this guide, we have covered several different form factors, what materials are used, various added brands and features to look out for. Let’s get right into it! 

1. Why do you need skull cell phone cases?

  • Drop protection: Nowadays mobile phones are stylish and sleek slabs composed of glass, metal, and plastic or a combo of these. These are very compact, lightweight, and portable. Such advantageous features also render them extremely susceptible and fragile to damage. Even an accidental slip and fall could smash the screen, leave dents in the body of the device and can cause irreparable damage to the phone.
  • Cosmetic concerns: To avoid such miserable incidents, it is important for us to protect our mobile phones by using sugar skull phone case that safeguards the phone effectively from scratches and other accidents. We use our phones every day, so frequent use can also smudge the phone and leave marks. Such marks can spoil the elegant appeal of your mobile phone. The other significant reason to have personalized skull cell phone cases would be the opportunity it provides you to flaunt your choice and style.   
  • Protection of Camera: If you’re not too concerned about an occasional scratch or even a crack then you’ve something more to worry about. Few mobile phones such as the iPhone, have a camera lens affixed to the back of the mobile phone. So, the lens is inclined to get damaged. The resultant can be photos of poor quality. To get rid of this, you can use several skull iPhone cases which are available in the market.
  • Resale value: If you’re from those people who continently upgrade their phones then you should consider investing in a strong skull case for your phone. Even if you overlook scratches and tiny nicks, many others do! It’s a good idea to keep the phone in good condition if you intend to exchange or sell it in the future.     
Sugar Skull Phone Case

2. Form factors

Skull iphone Case

One of the most crucial decisions you will make when purchasing a skull cell phone cases is selecting the kind of case you want i.e. form factor. Below are some of the common options available:

  • Standard: These type of cases protect the sides and back of your Smartphones while leaving the screen fully accessible. Sometimes, an uplifted lip can surround the screen to protect it from a direct hit. This design is the go-to option for many users because of its good protection, lightweight, and good accessibility.
  • Bumper: This case leaves the back of the phone exposed but includes shock-absorbing materials around each corner to prevent the phone from damage. Sometimes, bumpers have transparent or thin backs, just to complicate things. This skull cell phone cases tend to be lightweight but offer limited protection.
  • Tough: Such phone cases intonate protection over style, and are designed from multiple layers of various materials for better effect. It also protects from knocks, drops, and scratches. This case also includes specialized defense against dust or water ingress.
  • Folio: A folio acts similar to the book, like its name. It covers sides and back of the phone with one part and from another, it covers the screen. Such phone cases are bulky and do not allow rapid access to the phone screen. Sometimes, such covers are called flip cases or wallet.
  • Pouch: These phone cases are unique that completely covers the phone from all sides. It makes the phone quite protective but also needs you to remove the phone frequently.

3. Materials

Skull Cell Phone Case

Phone cases are commonly made up of plastic of different kinds but they are made of different materials too. Below are some of the most usual choices, and what they mean:

  • Silicon/rubber/gel:This flexible and soft fabric can be found in various names, but generally they are cheap, offer moderate protection and add grip to prevent accidental drops.  
  • TPU/ polycarbonate: These are known to be the most common plastics which are used in Smartphone cases. Polycarbonate provides good impact and scratch resistance, While TPU is a bit softer and less ideal for impact resistance. Such plastics also permit for more sophisticated and intricate designs than silicone.  
  • Leatherette/ leather: Another common choice in the material is leather-style or leather, especially for a flip, folio, and wallet-style cases. They give nice look than plastic but are cost more. They offer a classic look and feel.
  • Wood: It is not commonly used for phone cases, as it is a little bit costly to produce. These are also inflexible and an adhesive needed to attach it around the phone. It offers a unique look and feel with decent protection as well

4. Features

Covers are not only for looks or protections. They also include numerous features that allow us to do various new things. Below is the list of some common features to look out for. 

  • Folio or Wallet: A wallet case is one that includes pockets and/or card slots that permits you to keep your credit cards, ID, tickets and other essential pieces of plastic or paper close at hand.
Skull Case
  • Battery: The combo of a case and a portable charger is simply known as a battery case. It is best to extend the life of the battery of the Smartphone.
  • Stand: A stand case found with a built-in stand and can be used by either folding the back cover or deploying a kickstand. It is useful when keeping an eye on notifications, watching videos or using a Bluetooth keyboard.  
  • Selfie: This phone case is the one that has forward-facing lights, permits you to take good lit photos.
  • Survival:These phone cases found in built-in tools of some kind that might help you to survive in the wild or other extreme conditions.  
  • Mount:The phone cases that have mounts of all kinds, permit you to affix the phone to a car’s vents, your belt, a magnetic holder, or even your finger. Particularly, they are helpful in cars and/or for bulky cases that won’t fit easily in a standard-size pocket.

5. Brands

There are numerous brands available in the market for Smartphone cases. Even phone makers provide the cases of their own brand covers that are well-respected. For example, Samsung, Apple, HTC, Oneplus and many others do this. They even provide the cases with some guarantee or warranty period.  

Buying a skull phone case from us? Why not?

Skull has been applied more and more in fashion and many of celebrities now are using them as the statement in their style. Using a skull iphone case is not only the way to show that you have the style, but also to declare who you are. We received many feedbacks from customers who said that they got many compliments when wearing skull products because of its unique designs.With many years of experience in this field, we are confident that our product and customer service is top notch and you can safely order here without hassles. Some of main product lines are produced in-house too so that’s why we have the best prices on the market. If you have any problem with your order, you can contact us within 24 hours to get it fixed as soon as possible.

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