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Skull Ring

Buying A Skull Ring – Everything You Need to Know

In the human history, the bones and skulls are considered as death. In many societies, it is referred to as a symbol of death and for some others, it struck fear into enemies and intentioned victims. Death is a vital stage in rebirth according to Inca while on the other hand, in the 17th-century pirates used it to show their intentions. 

Skull rings are differently symbolized for different times, for example, it was used to remember lost loves in Victorian England. In modern times, skull rings are used to represent various notions. In ancient times, around the 15th-century, people use to wear anything that reminds them about their mortality. They use to wear skeleton and skulls that show “memento mori” means “remember you must die”. Later on, Queen Victoria used the skulls into her jewelry and in the society of London, it becomes fashionable. 

How to Choose A Perfect Skull Ring for You

Are you a jewelry lover and getting bored with regular jewelry? Want to try unique jewelry pieces? Then you should definitely try skull rings. If you don’t know where to look for it, what to look for and how to select a perfect skull ring then don’t worry, you can start your search from and here you will get full support to find the best jewelry piece for you. Here, you will find various types of skull rings that are available in a wide selection of excellent quality materials and base metals so that you can select a ring that suits according to your taste and budget. Here are some of the factors on which you can get the best quality and best-looking skull ring

1. Gender:

There are different types of skull rings available in the market according to gender. You will get various designs of skull rings for men as well as skull rings for women. There are unique designs available for each one.Skull rings for men are bolder, thicker and have stronger look. Whereas, skull rings for women are feminine, vulnerable looking, and sometimes more cheerful. Men rings have fewer designs and color varieties than women. Many people would like to wear it according to the occasion and their style. So, we have a huge collection of these rings for both men and women. 

skull ring for men

Skull Ring For Men

skull ring for men

Skull Ring for Women

2. Materials/Colors:

Material is also an important factor when choosing your ring. There are different rings of various materials and colors available in the market like gold skull ring, silver skull ring, stainless steel skull ring and sterling silver skull ring. These are also available according to their colors like black skull ring, white skull ring, golden head skull ring and many more. You can pick one according to your taste and style. Most of the people love to wear unique jewelry pieces on their special occasions so for them we have, skull engagement rings for men and women, skull wedding bands, skull wedding rings available.

Difference between silver, stainless steel and gold skull ring

To buy the best ring, it is important to know which one is best according to material, quality and durability. Material like stainless steel and sterling silver, both look almost identical and have the same luster if it is made by the expert but are totally different. If we talk about sterling silver then it is the blend of pure silver with the combo of other metal alloys. The purest form of silver is too soft to be used in jewelry like ring, pendant,etc. The jewelry without 926 stamp is most likely fake and contain lesser silver. The soft luster and receptive quality is one of the reasons why most people prefer it. On the other hand, stainless steel is a group of metal alloys. It is available in almost 150 different varieties. But, when we talk about selecting precious metal jewelry the first thing came in mind is gold. Gold jewelry marked with the karat, shows the purity of the gold.

MaterialsSterling silver Skull RingStainless steel Skull RingGold Skull Ring
Pros● It is one of the precious metals that can be easily mold into rings, pendants, necklace or any type of jewelry. 
● It is most suited for daily use to increase its durability. 
● It wears to attain beautiful finish. 

● It cannot be easily dented or scratched 
● You can easily get the look of any precious metal fine jewelry at the fraction of the price. 

● Gold is more durable than any other material like silver. 
● It is dent and scratch resistant 
● It does not get tarnished easily. 

Cons● It can be easily prone to scratches and dents more than other type of precious metal. 
● It can be easily replicated as there are lot of fake sterling silver jewelry available in the retail outlet as well as online marketplace. 

● If it get damaged then cannot be easily get resized or repaired due to its durability. 
● Some of the varieties of it cause allergies in people who are allergic with nickel. 

Gold is much more expensive than any other. 

3. Size

Size of the ring matters a lot. It is very essential that you should pick the ring with the perfect size. There are a few reasons behind it. If the ring too small then it seems that the quality of the ring is not that much good and if the ring is too heavy then you won’t feel comfortable to carry it. The rings of 15 to 35 grams are the perfect one. 

4. Symbolism

Most of the people like jewelry with different symbolism. The jewelry that represent or define as much as you would have hoped it would. For those, we have a huge collection of biker skull rings for bikers and masonic skull ring especially for those who follow freemason organizations. We also have punisher skull ring for those who love the movie Punisher. You will also find the collection of bird skull ring, these are especially for Vikings lovers. 

skull ring for men

Mansonic Skull Ring

skull ring for men

Biker Skull Ring

5. Reviews

In today’s world, most of us like to go with online shopping as it is the easiest way, but there are some essentials you need to know before making an online purchase. As you always want to select the seller or website with the most customer reviews. This is the best way to do online shopping as you can’t rely on only designs and photos. From the reviews, you will get the idea about the jewelry that whether it is good or not. Here are some of our happy user’s reviews: 

– “My bf got this for me for V-Day and let me tell Y’all. This is a statement piece. It is very bold and definitely has a weight to it. It takes a minute to adjust to the unbalanced weight on your finger. I LOVE THIS RING. I wear them everywhere. 10/10 would recommend”- Erin

– “I bought one of these as a gift for my sister and cannot believe the quality and detail. It looks like a high-end piece of jewelry. I ended up buying one for my Mom also, to add to her collection of Halloween pieces. I will probably get one for myself and I think it will be one of my go-to gifts. It is just perfect…buy one!!! I promise you will not be disappointed.”- Michele

– “Bought this ring as an accessory for a custom detail on one of my carbine rifles. Size 7 fits the charging handle perfectly.”- Kenny

6. Where to buy skull ring

This is the last and most important step in purchasing the skull ring for you. At this point, you have to use all the above-given information. If you are planning to purchase the ring from an online store, you should choose the best one. At, definitely, you will get a huge variety of skull rings

Are Skull Rings Cool in 2019?

As there are numerous meaning related to the skull, it has emerged as a new trend in the fashion industry. Skull rings represent individuality, freedom and the fact that you don’t abide by the rules of society. 
Most of the modern fashion jewelry is based on different gothic themes. You can pick skull depicted earrings, rings, bracelets and many more as now the skulls are not just evident of intrepidity, fearlessness and strength instead they are a tribute to fashion and a sign of a person who rocks trendy stuff. 

The Right Way to Wear Skull Rings

When selecting the ring, we consider the shape of fingers and the size of the palm. But modern fashion allows it to wear on any finger including thumbs and pinkies. Let’s try and wear rings of any size, texture and shape, you will figure out your own style 

Learn more about how to choose the best Skull RingsSkull Hats and best Skull Bracelets with buyer’s guide and in-depth reviews. By the way, have a look at our Skull Earrings, best Skull Pendantand best Skull Scarf to refresh your life!

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